Only election vote tabulators allowed access to ballots.

Annual Meetings & Elections   (Texas Prop. Code 209.014) HB 2761   Effective 1/1/12

HOAs must hold annual meetings or owners may themselves call an election meeting.

Recording Requirement  (Texas Prop. Code 202.006) HB 1821  Effective 1/1/12

Unrecorded HOA dedicatory instruments are of “no effect.”

Website Posting  (Texas Prop. Code 207.006) HB 1821

An HOAs dedicatory instruments must be posted on an HOA “publicly accessible” HOA website that must include copies of all governing documents of the HOA (i.e., declaration, bylaws, rules, articles and all amendments).

Declaration Amendment  (Texas Prop. Code  209.0041  (SB 472)  Effective 9/1/11

Declarations may be amended by 67% of the Owners (or less stated in the declaration).

Open Records  (Texas Prop. Code 209.005)  HB 2761   Effective 1/1/12

HOAs must adopt and file an open records policy; open records procedures established.

Records Retention Policy  (Texas Prop. Code 209.005m)  HB 2761  Effective 1/1/12

HOAs must adopt a records retention policy; certain statutory time frames established.

Military Notice  (Texas Prop. Code 209.006b)  HB 1127   Effective 1/1/12

Mandatory inclusion of military notice established.

Payment Plan Guidelines  (Texas Prop. Code 209.0062)   HB 1228  & HB 1821  Effective 1/1/12

Payment plans required and guidelines are mandated.

Application of Payments   (Texas Prop. Code 209.0063) HB 1228   Effective 1/1/12

Mandatory application of payments schedule.  States HOA must apply owners’ payments in the following order: delinquent assessments, current assessments, attorney fees or third party collection costs, other attorney fees, fines, other amounts.

Third Party Collections   (Texas Prop. Code 209.0064)   HB 1228   Effective 1/1/12

Required notice to owner prior to turning delinquent accounts over to a third party collection agent and certain contingency fee arrangements made unenforceable against an owner.

Copy Charge Foreclosure  (Texas Prop. Code 209.009)  HB 2761    Effective 1/1/12

No HOA foreclosure for copy charges related to books and records.

Junior Lienholder Notice  (Texas Prop. Code 209.0091)   HB 1228   Effective  1/1/12

Prior notice of foreclosure must be sent to junior lienholders.

Judicial Foreclosure  (Texas Prop. Code 209.0092) HB 1228    Effective 1/1/12

Non-judicial HOA foreclosures prohibited.

Foreclosure Amendment  (Texas Prop. Code 209.0093)  HB 1228   Effective 1/1/12

Foreclosure provisions can be added or removed by owners from declaration.

Lien Notices  (Texas Prop. Code 209.0094)  HB 1228   Effective 1/1/12