There have been a few hailstorms in the Houston area over the past few weeks. There was a big one in Kansas on Sunday, which many people caught on camera. Here are a few YouTube videos from the storm.

About two weeks ago, hail fell in the Brookshire area and caused some damage. One woman vividly described the sound the hail made, and video of her that aired on KPRC Local 2 went viral! There were at least four different hashtags on Twitter.

RAW Video: Michelle Clark on hail: Kabooyow!

"Every time I step outside, 'There goes the kabooyow lady. Kabooyow, kabooyow!' that's all I hear," Clark said. "That's me. That's how I express myself. That's how I talk."

Clark is enjoying the attention and taking it all in stride as she tackles the storm of criticism head-on.

"I was getting people's autographs. People were taking pictures with me. It felt good. I felt like a star for just being me," said Clark.

Last week, hail fell in the Hitchcock area and caused a lot of damage. Many cars were destroyed, and the police department's patrol cars were hit hard.

Photos: Huge hail causes damage

Published On: Apr 03 2013 08:28:18 AM CDT   Updated On: Apr 03 2013 11:15:38 AM CDT

A line of strong storms dropped huge hail that caused damage to homes and vehicles.

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