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How airlines deal with in-flight medical emergencies

One in every 604 flights involves a reported medical emergency, according to a 2013 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.



Thanksgiving travel: Long lines, tight security

The United States' busiest travel days of the year are likely to be even more complicated for travelers flying through U.S. airports.

Security will be tight in the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris…


Americans jam the roads and the skies in record numbers

Crowded roads and airports aren't just for Thanksgiving anymore.


VizEat via Newsource

'Social dining network' meets US Thanksgiving

Who would open their dining room to virtually everyone else -- to a wide world of strangers -- on Thanksgiving Day? Answer: A growing number of hosts and guests finding each other on


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Plane diverted as passengers act 'unruly'

A Southwest Airlines flight from Indianapolis to Los Angeles was diverted to Kansas City on Sunday morning because of suspicious behavior by some passengers, according to Kansas City airport…


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Chris Christie on flight where passenger was removed

A United Airlines flight carrying New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was delayed Friday after a passenger was removed from the plane.

A source with knowledge of the situation told CNN there is no…


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Paris to visitors: It's safe here

Paris wants travelers to know it's safe and open for business.


Aerion Corp. via CNN

Supersonic private jet to slash travel times

When you absolutely, positively must eat breakfast in New York followed by lunch in London, there aren't currently that many options.

That could soon change, as the first ever supersonic private jet…



U.S. State Dept. to change passport policy

For some frequent international travelers, they're a badge of honor.


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Airport workers nationwide going on strike

Airport workers demanding $15 an hour have gone on strike at seven major airports in the U.S.

The workers, mostly cabin and airport cleaners, were picketing Thursday morning at John F. Kennedy and…


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