What's not a theory, though, is the uncanny tie many counter-culture icons had to the military, many of them being "army brats" with dads of high rank.
So some have suggested that Jim Morrison was actually working with the CIA. Others suggest that he, along with Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, were puppets of the government. And of course, some think the CIA eliminated them. (Cue the minor key music.)

Unlike the other rumors on this list, these are "out there" to the point where you can't disprove them but if they did prove to be true our minds would be blown.

Despite being easy to debunk, our last urban legend remains incredibly prevalent ...

Tommy Hilfiger in September 2010

No. 1: Tommy Hilfiger's alleged racist rant on 'Oprah'

Racism. Now that's a juicy nugget that people revel in. So if a famous guy says it -- Hello!

This one was big not long ago. Heck, maybe this piece is dispelling it for the first time for some (un)lucky readers.

The rumor, spread by a couple viral emails that are variations of the same story, claims that Tommy Hilfiger said if he'd known that blacks and Asians would wear his clothes so regularly, he never would have designed them. What's more, the canard was beefed up with him supposedly going on "Oprah," she calling him out and then asking him to leave her show. Oh, no she didn't!

You're right, she didn't. Well, this one spread so well -- thanks, Internet! -- that Oprah herself made statements disputing the rumor. So as it stands, Hilfiger didn't say or do any of it.