UPDATE: Northern Arizona school shooting began as fight...

Police say the deadly shooting at Northern Arizona University started as a fight between…

Editorial: Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance

Channel 2 stands with the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Greater Houston Partnership in supporting passage of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance this election period.

Houston is a welcoming city where everyone should be able to enjoy it’s bounty equally and free of…

Editorial: Seat belts on school buses

The time has come to require seat belts on all school buses in the Houston area and require all students to wear them at all times.

KPRC Editorial: See something, say something about domestic violence

With the recent deaths of eight members of one family due to domestic violence, KPRC 2 News General Manager Jerry Martin stresses the importance of getting help, and helping others.

Editorial: KPRC partners with Telemundo to find pets forever homes

KPRC and Telemundo have partnered together to find pets a forever home after living in a shelter without a family.

Editorial: KPRC explains Dish Network relationship

KPRC Vice President and General Manager Jerry Martin explains the relationship between KPRC and Dish Network, and how customers can keep Channel 2 on their programming.

Editorial: Emergency crew preparedness increases after floods

Memorial Day floods devastated Meyerland and now rescue crews are prepared for when the next severe weather hits Houston.

Editorial: Bond issue and this year's mayoral race

Last week Moody’s, one of the country’s leading bond rating firms changed its outlook on Houston’s general obligation bonds to negative. Specifically Moody’s said the revision to negative reflects challenges the city faces from growing pension costs and liabilities which are compounded by…

KPRC Editorial: Jerry Martin on Houston Astros

I am happy to say that I am falling in love this summer and you should too.  I am talking about our Astros, the franchise that in recent years was pathetic and unwatchable  literally ….Yes that franchise. They have  a cast of characters that range from a rookie shortstop destined for greatness….I…

KPRC 2 Editorial: Saving gorillas from Houston to Rwanda

Vice President and General Manager Jerry Martin brings to light how The Houston Zoo is helping save animals in Africa.

KPRC 2 Editorial: Police chases in Houston on the rise

Police chases are something the Houston area has grown accustomed to, but in recent weeks we have witnessed several incidents that have us asking questions.

KPRC 2 Editorial: March of Dimes March for Babies

Channel 2 is proud to be the television sponsor for the March of Dimes March for Babies, the largest march in the country. It's happening Sunday at the University of Houston. Vice President and General Manager Jerry Martin talks about the event.

Editorial: Astrodome approaches 50th anniversary

Next week our beloved Astrodome celebrates its 50th anniversary.  The former Eighth Wonder of the World has served Houston well for the majority of those years. Yet, in more recent times, the Astrodome has become more of a financial burden and a bit of an eyesore.  KPRC's VP and GM Jerry Martin…

Editorial: State of the State Address

We want to applaud  some of the major initiatives in Governor Abbot’s State of the State Address this week especially as it pertains to early childhood education, making college and other educational opportunities more affordable and accessible, adding $4Billion a year to improve our roads,…

KPRC 2 Editorial: Cleaning up our beloved Houston bayous

Founded on the banks of the Buffalo Bayou, Houston is the Bayou City. Our waterways are home to wildlife, provide flood control and are a destination for outdoor recreation. As Channel 2 Investigates exposed, Houston bayous have become a dumping ground for abandoned vehicles.  Jerry Martin talks…

Editorial with Jerry Martin: Black History Month

In 1976 as part of the United States Bicentennial, the informal expansion of “Negro History Week” to “Black History Month” was officially recognized by the US Government.

President Ford urged Americans to seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of Black Americans in…

Editorial: Second annual Houston Habitat Build

Jan. 6 marks the date that KPRC will begin its second annual Houston Habitat Build with the help of its sponsors.

Editorial: Project Road Block on mission to stop 'buzzed' driving

In 2012, over 10,000 people died in crashes involving impaired drivers.  This holiday season, KPRC Local 2 is partnering with the Television Bureau of Advertising, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Ad Council for Project Road Block, a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers…

Editorial: Racial Equality

We have been awakened once again that America's original sin has reared its ugly head in 2014.  It's  a sin that caused a line or two to be re-worked in the Declaration of Independence and written into our Constitution.  It's a sin we've fought the Civil War over and just 50 years ago passed laws…

Celebrate the season of giving with Operation Stocking Stuffer

For the past five years, KPRC Local 2 has participated with the Houston Fire Department for "Operation:  Stocking Stuffer Toy Drive.  In 2013, more than half a million toys were collected and delivered to underprivileged children in the Houston area.  There are only 2 days left to make 2014 a…

Editorial: Being thankful at Thanksgiving

KPRC Local 2 is hopeful that this week we can all take a step back from our daily grinds and give thanks and appreciation for the many gifts we have in Houston, our neighborhood and our families.

Editorial: KPRCLocal 2 introduces candidates with 'Straight Talk'

KPRC is proud to present Straight Talk with the Candidates this Saturday between 7 and 8 p.m. More than 40 candidates were given time to tell you why you should support their candidacy.  

Editorial: Make your voice heard this Election Day

This election year we have some hotly-contested races and your vote is important.  Early voting begins Oct. 20 and ends Oct. 31.  Election Day is Nov. 4.  KPRC Local 2 General Manager Jerry Martin urges all viewers to head to the polls and make your votes count! Click here to find the Early Voting…

Editorial: Domestic violence issues more far-reaching than NFL

Jerry Martin, general manager of KPRC Local 2, shares his view on domestic violence.

Editorial: What has gotten accomplished in Houston over the summer?

There were many issues that were big topics of discussion for Houstonians this summer.  Has anything been resolved?  KPRC Local 2’s General Manager Jerry Martin talks about the city’s actions, and/or inactions.


Helping those with mental illnesses

We are hopeful that due to Robin Williams death that depression and mental illness comes out of the shadows and begins to lose its stigma, allowing people to find the courage to seek help.

Editorial: Who's to blame in immigration crisis?

Sadly there is no political will in Washington over the past few decades to tackle the issue, says KPRC Local 2 General Manager Jerry Martin.

KPRC Local 2's summer blood drive

We are conducting our 22nd annual blood drive with our partners at Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. They tell us the need for blood is greater than ever and always increases in the summertime.

Paying tribute to American heroes on Memorial Day

Jerry Martin, general manager of KPRC Local 2, highlights the significance of Memorial Day.

Houston Equal Rights Ordinance

We need to codify what we stand for in Houston -- equal rights for all.

Renewed effort to educate our children

Both candidates for Texas governor have pre-K education recommendations they want to enact if elected. And just this week Neil Bush, chairman of the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation, introduced Houston's literacy crisis a blueprint for community action.

Local exhibit showcases ordinary citizens who made a difference

KPRC Local 2 is proud to be a media sponsor of 'The Rescuers: Picturing Moral Courage,' now through August at the Houston Holocaust Museum.

The power of one person making a difference

Last week, Local 2 shared the story of Kenny Thompson who donated hundreds of dollars to zero out 60 delinquent lunch accounts at an HISD elementary school. This shows how one person can make a big difference.

Mobile unit improves stroke diagnosis, treatment

Houston is making medical history once again by introducing the first mobile stroke unit, which brings the emergency room to patients with stroke symptoms.

Thank you for a great 2013!

We'd like to thank Houston for making 2013 a great and successful year for Local 2. Next year, we look forward to giving back with our first ever Local 2 Habitat House.

Applauding HISD's mascot name change policy

We agree wholeheartedly with HISD's new mascot policy which states all mascots, nicknames, symbols, and items used to promote schools "shall respect cultural differences and values." Specifically prohibited is the use of any race or ethnic group.

50 years since JFK's assassination

Friday marks 50 years since President John F. Kennedy's assassination. NBC and KPRC will help you honor his life this week with special coverage from Dallas.

Honoring our veterans on Veterans Day in Houston

We encourage you to take part in honoring our veterans Monday in Houston.

Eliminating the achievement gap

The Apollo Program, which debuted last year, is on track to eliminate the achievement gap in some HISD elementary schools in the next three years. 

Cast your vote on Election Day

Let your voice be heard by casting your vote on Election Day.

HISD did big things over the summer

HISD had a very busy summer preparing for the start of the 2013-14 school year.

Voting Rights Act

Last week the Supreme Court in a narrow decision voted to invalidate the pre-clearance provision of the voting rights act, a provision that was applied to Texas because of it's History of election suppression.

Donate blood to help save lives

Join Local 2 as we host a blood drive with Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center from June 20-24 to help ensure an adequate blood supply during the summer.

Prepare your family for hurricane season

Hurricane season is here and Local 2 wants to make sure you're prepared for severe weather.

Congratulations, Houston on hosting Super Bowl LI

Local 2 congratulates the City of Houston for being chosen to host the Super Bowl in 2017.

Local 2 salutes military on Memorial Day

May is National Military Appreciation Month. Local 2 supports our troops and hopes that you'll join the efforts as we raise funds for the USO.

SB 275 increases penalties for hit-and-run drivers

Finally, SB 275, the Hit and Run bill, passed. The law toughens penalties for hit and run drivers.

Happy anniversary, Discovery Green!

Discovery Green celebrates its fifth anniversary and it's been much more successful than ever imagined.

State should increase penalty for hit-and-run

April 9, 2013: The Texas Police Chief's Association has made failure to stop and render aid one of their top priorities for the 2013 legislative session.

Thank you, Buffalo Bayou Partnership

March 12, 2013: KPRC Local 2 gives a shout-out to the Buffalo Bayou Partnership, which is presenting the 41st annual Buffal Bayou Regatta on March 16.

Clear, efficient path to citizenship needed

You would think that a county built on immigration would have its act together concerning immigration policy.

Is Austin tone deaf to improving public education?

Feb. 11, 2013: Recently, we watched Gov. Perry's State of the State speech and attended Superintendent Greer's speech on the current state of HISD.

What should Texas do with surplus?

Jan. 15, 2013: What a difference a couple of years make for the state budget.

Houstonians' generosity makes dreams come true

Dec. 24, 2012: On Christmas Day, tens of thousands of children across Houston will wake up bright and early excited to see what's under the tree. And thanks to the generosity of Houstonians, they will have lots of gifts to open.

World Aids Day is Dec. 1

Nov. 30, 2012: World Aids Day is Dec. 1 and brings to light a very serious problem that still persists in Houston.

Background checks needed for childcare

Nov. 20, 2012: Background checks have become standard practice when hiring new employees in most professions. Don't our children deserve the same when it comes to childcare?

Museum opens war photography exhibit

Nov. 9, 2012: Veteran's Day is a time to honor and memorialize those who have given their time, their careers and in many cases, their lives, for our country and our freedom. The Museum of Fine Arts Houston will open an exhibit on war photography.

Support HCC bond on ballot

Oct. 29, 2012: Supporting the Houston Community College bond is the surest investment a Houstonian can make this upcoming election.

Support HISD bond on Election Day

Oct. 23, 2012: You hear the word "investment" a lot in an election year, but in the case of the HISD bond, that is exactly what you are voting on.

Rice University celebrates 100 years

Oct. 16, 2012: This year marks the 100th anniversary of Rice University.

HPD should re-evaluate training methods

It's time for our police department to re-evaluate their training methods when lethal force is required.

'Abstinence-Plus' sex-ed program is step in right direction

Sept. 18, 2012: Texas has the fourth highest birth rate for teenagers between 15 and 19 years old in the United States.

Registering to vote should be easier

Registering to vote should not be a complicated process.

Learn from Hurricane Isaac

Sept. 5, 2012: If there's anything we can learn from Hurricane Isaac, it is that we cannot underestimate Mother Nature.

LNG facilities would help export surplus natural gas

Aug. 28, 2012: What would be good for the U.S. trade balance, great for Texas and even better for Houston?

Thumbs up to Olympians

Aug. 13, 2012: This year's summer Olympics have given us a lot of proud memories.

Runoff as important as May primary

July 30, 2012: Tomorrow is the Primary runoff election, and it's just as important to vote tomorrow as it was back in May.

Moment of silence needed at Olympics

July 27, 2012: We call upon the International Olympic Committee to acknowledge the 40th anniversary of the Munich Massacre with a moment of silence, in order to honor the memory of the 11 slain Israeli athletes from the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany.

Compare founding fathers to today's political class

July 5, 2012: With the Fourth of July, I started to think about our founding fathers who, while not perfect, took great risk to sign the Declaration of Independence.

City receives Tiger Grant

July 3, 2012: We want to congratulate the city of Houston on being one of 47 cities chosen out of 700 for the $15 million Tiger Grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

STAAR test results are troubling

June 26, 2012: The results from this year's new State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness, or STAAR, exam are troubling.

Thumbs Up for Sobering Center

June 12, 2012: We want to give Mayor Annise Parker and the Houston City Council a thumbs up on the funding of Houston's first Sobering Center.

'Summer of Safety' to keep families safe

June 5, 2012: Now that school's out for summer, it's time to start preparing for the heat.

Vote On May 29

May 22, 2012: Next Tuesday is an important primary election for all of us and we encourage everyone to vote and make your voice heard.

New Dynamo stadium great for Houston

May 11, 2012: Saturday marks the grand opening of the Dynamo's new BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston's East End.

Homelessness remains big problem in Houston

May 8, 2012: As we saw in Robert Arnold's coverage of the underground caves that serve as a shelter to a large number of the homeless in Houston, the problem of homelessness is a big one in our city.

Houston Success Story: Goodwill Houston

April 25, 2012: This week, we want to highlight a Houston success story.

Hobby to go international?

April 17, 2012: We encourage Houston City Council to support making Hobby an international airport.

Thumbs up to Center for Houston's Future

March 27, 2012: We want to give a big thumbs up to the Center for Houston's Future.

Editorial Reply: Rebuild Houston

March 16, 2012: Houston city councilman Stephen Costello offers an editorial reply about Rebuild Houston.

Citizens should see city's financial situation

March 6, 2012: It's time the local government started treating its citizens like adults and offered a more transparent view into our city's financial situation.

Charges should be filed in Liberty County case

Feb. 28, 2012: It's outrageous that charges were not filed after children were found tied to their beds.

Friday is Go Texan Day

Feb. 22, 2012: This Friday is Go Texan Day and marks the official beginning of rodeo season in Houston.

Congratulations to 33 high school seniors honored for excellence

Feb. 15, 2012: The U.S. Department of Education released the 2012 list of candidates for the Presidential Scholars Program.

Souper Bowl of Caring ends Sunday

Feb. 1, 2012: Sunday marks the end of the annual Souper Bowl of Caring with our partners at the Houston Food Bank.

Perry should refocus on Texas issues

Jan. 30, 2012: Now that Gov. Perry is out of the presidential race, it's time for him to refocus on the issues specific to Texas.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters need volunteers

Jan. 17, 2012: January is National Mentoring Month and Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Houston is always in need of volunteers.

What does MLK Day mean to you?

Jan. 16, 2012: Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. What does it mean to you?

Thumbs Up to Houston sports

Dec. 27, 2011: 2011 will go down as a great year for Houston sports, so we want to give a big thumbs up to our Houston sports teams.

Keep your merriment off the roads

Dec. 20, 2011: This holiday season, while you're enjoying time with family and friends, be sure to keep the merriment off the roads.

Holiday stress can lead to domestic violence

Dec. 14, 2011: The holiday season is also a time for heightened stress on families -- stress that can lead to increased incidents of domestic violence.

Thumbs down to delayed political decisions

Dec. 6, 2011: We're giving a thumbs down to those in charge who have time and again decided not to decide by punting important issues until it is politically convenient or potentially too late.

Hit & run trend disturbing

Nov. 15, 2011: Throughout our city, hit and run accidents are becoming more and more commonplace -- a trend that, to say the least, is disturbing.

Budget cuts hit classrooms

Nov. 1, 2011: The first school quarter has come to a close and report cards are coming home. How did your child do?

Thumbs up to friends of Emancipation Park

Nov. 8, 2011: Public parks are an important part of many major cities and Houston is no exception. That's why we're giving a big thumbs up to the Friends of Emancipation Park.

Prepare to vote on Nov. 8

Oct. 18, 2011: Election Day is in three weeks. Even though the president and governor's office are not at stake, it's still an important election.

October is breast cancer awareness month

Sept. 27, 2011: This Saturday, we will be at the Komen Houston Race for the Cure. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Texas should say no to confederate flag

Sept. 20, 2011: The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles should say no to the Confederate flag.

Texas firefighters get big thumbs up

Sept. 13, 2011: A big thumbs up doesn't seem like enough to let the firefighters of Texas know how much we appreciate their tireless efforts these past few months.

Governor vetoes texting while driving bill

June 28, 2011: Texting while driving is reckless and irresponsible. That's what Gov. Rick Perry wrote after he vetoed the bill that would have made it illegal for adults to text and drive.

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