Welcome to the KPRC Local 2 Prime Blog! Here is the place to read up on many of our new and exciting NBC programs, including The Voice, Smash and our newest addition, Awake.

"Why should I subscribe to such a blog?" some might ask. "Who is this mysterious and charming blogger, and what authority does she have to tell me what was good, bad and ugly about last night's riveting episode of [insert name of fantastic NBC program here]?"

Well. My name is Dena, I am the Program Director here at KPRC, and I. Love. Television. And more importantly, I can talk about television 'til the cows come home. Or until I run out of character space and the Big Guy in the Cyber Sky decides there isn't even space for me to complete the word "phenomen—."

And sometimes in our busy schedules, we don't have the time to watch the entire episode of a certain program but just really need a concise (well, not concise) and entertaining recap of the episode in order to move on our with our day, week, life.

You will find that here.