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  • When it comes to allergies, just about anything can be a potential factor. From food to pets to environmental conditions, both children and adults can be mildly or severely affected.

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  • Braces on teeth

    It is often said that the first thing people notice is your smile. Keeping teeth and gums clean and healthy help get that smile noticed for the right reasons.

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  • Face lotion

    You might be surprised to learn that things such as sleep and diet can drastically affect the appearance and health of your skin.

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Donating Blood

  • Blood test, lab file


    Millions of people donate blood each year, making vascular health vitally important not only for ourselves, but for donation recipients.

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Emergency Care

  • emergency room


    Emergency and urgent care facilities are convenient options when medical attention is needed and doctors’ offices are unavailable.

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  • pregnant, mother, woman


    Knowing what factors affect fertility can be crucial when it comes to women’s health, family planning and a healthy pregnancy.

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Heart Health

  • heart with bandaid


    Many things can contribute to heart disease and heart attacks. Some risk factors can be inherited through genetics while others can be linked to behaviors such as smoking, overeating and lack of exercise.

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  • Elderly senior citizen's hand held by younger hand

    iStock/ tepic

    When it comes to coverage and benefits for Medicare, many questions and concerns can arise for us and for our loved ones.

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  • Knee pain

    iStock / KenTannenbaum

    Bone and joint pain can be some of the most excruciating pain to endure and can be debilitating when serious injuries occur.

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  • Girl getting vaccination from doctor


    Understanding your child’s health and wellness needs is fundamental to parenting. Knowing what to look for, where to go, who to see and what questions to ask are all concerns that parents experience.

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Plastic Surgery

  • plastic surgery


    Plastic surgery is usually an elective procedure, but still carries the risks and dangers of other surgeries that treat more serious health problems.

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Snoring, Sleep Apnea

  • Woman sleep, sleeping

    iStock image

    Are you waking up tired? You may have a condition called sleep apnea.

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Spinal Surgery

  • While many instances of back pain can be treated non-surgically, sometimes spinal surgery can be a necessary step in treatment.

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Sports Medicine

  • Knee

    Sports related injuries can be devastating to athletes. Knowing what can be treated at home and what requires a doctor’s attention can have a lasting effect on healing.

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Surgical Weight Loss

  • Weight

    Today’s weight loss surgery options consist of many available procedures. The details, related risks and recovery are all things that should be considered when making decisions.

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Vein Health

  • As we age, our vascular systems become blocked with things like cholesterol and plaque, which can affect our vascular health.

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Women's Health

  • Women exercise, fitness, weight, dumbbell, gym


    Knowing what health issues affect women and what symptoms or warning signs to look out for becomes increasingly important for women as they age.

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